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Friday, February 8, 2008

I'M BAAAACK!!!! (I Think)

I am so glad to be back in the blog world! I have been away under the weather since Tuesday. I came to work on Tuesday, stepped on the elevator and everything else was nothing more than a blur.... All I remember is ambulances, EMT's, being stuck in the arm with needles, and having a room full of friends and family at the hospital fussing over me. So I decided this time to take my doctor's and my mother's and others' orders and just rest and get a check up. This was hard for me because I absolutely hate going to the doctor. But I did, and now I am waiting on test results and waiting is not really my strong suit.

Then I had a thought, I think that we don't do that enough! Wives, mothers,and all women; we just don't listen to our bodies enough. We tend to push through the little illnesses thinking that the world can't make it with out us and then one day our bodies just say ENOUGH SILLY WOMAN YOU NEED REST!!! So, it shuts down and makes us depend upon the mercy of its healing time. At least that is my story. I still don't feel 100% not even 75% but I am learning that I must listen to my body and take care of me. Taking care of me doesn't me selfish. It doesn't mean that I don't love my family less. I finally realized that it means I love my family more, because I am doing what it takes to ensure that they are able to have all of me, versus parts of me. Just my ramblings for the day....

Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged-smfg

Monday, February 4, 2008

Another Dating Post.....( Sorry, But I Just Had To)

Okay, Okay... I know I have spent the past couple of posts talking about dating and its negatives and I hate to sound like an anti- dating tyrant but something happened over the weekend that just re- stirred my emotions on this topic.This weekend while eating dinner at a very popular restaurant, I had a very heart breaking conversation with the young lady who was my server.

This young girl was very strikingly beautiful with personality to match and I almost choked on my drink when she stated that she was only 17, a high school senior taking a full load of honors classes, working 40hrs/week and had just been accepted into a very prestigious nursing school. What's wrong with that you may ask?

Well this poor baby ( yes I said baby) sat down and talked to us for over an hour about how unhappy she was with her current relationship of two years with a 19 year old who takes her money, breaks up with her on weekends (openly for other girls) , constantly told her how fat she is, but who desires to move in with her and gave her a bubble gum promise ring to prove his undying love. Did I mention that she works 40/hrs a week and he is currently unemployed but always needs gas money?

I asked her very simply and calmly with all the love I could, “ Why don’t you just leave him?” “ You see and know that he doesn’t love you” “You have your whole entire future waiting on you and you are such a beautiful young lady” Her response- “ I know he doesn’t love me, but I can’t let him go. I need him, and he is all I know, I have been with him since I was 15”
At that very moment I wanted to jump across the table and hug her. I asked if she were close to her mom, she says “yes, my mom prays for me when I cry but I just can’t leave him”

I went on to talk with her and just share my story and similar experiences with her and how life may turn out for her if she doesn't leave him. I left promising her that I would keep coming back to check on her frequently. My heart went out for her. To be so emotionally scarred and bound at such a young age. To be so young and entangled in such an adult experiences and lifestyle is heart wrenching for me. To be emotionally bound by another person for years and not just any years but teenage years, the best years, the free years.

This is painful reality in so many young precious lives. How can we as mothers prevent this? Well, we can start by standing firm and sheltering our children from the wiles of dating. We can also start by explaing our firm stand to them at a young age. We can finish by validating our children, showing them how precious they are in God's sight. Ensure that they know they are a gift only to be unwrapped by the person God gifts them to. Let us remember to keep praying for this young generation. Pray that God will give them the peace of a happy childhood with out the worries of an adult experience.

Be Blessed, Stay Prayerful and Stay Encouraged!