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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Stand Firm Child

It is a fundamental fact that if you want something repeated unexpectedly, then say it in front of a small child. Children will say the most profound things at the most unconventional moment however; there are some moments when what comes out of their mouths makes you a very proud mama. My six year old is a very vocal, outspoken child, she hears everything you say and sometimes what you think. I have often been before God on guidance on how to channel her outspokenness and not stifle it. I do believe that it ( her boldness) is a gift and I find myself sometimes asking God for some of what she has. My job as her mother is to teach her what and what not to say, how to say it and when.

I have no fear of her being a follower or buckling under pressure because she takes her stand.... albeit trouble or no trouble she takes her stand! At school the other day I was questioned by her kindergarten teacher " Do you celebrate Halloween? " My response " No, we don't celebrate Halloween" She then proceeded to tell me that my daughter was very "adamant about not coloring jack-0- lanterns and other Halloween pictures" She said Erin stood up and said firmly " No, I can't color that!" "We don't celebrate Halloween in my mommy's house." " God would not be pleased with me if I color that, it is part of Halloween" I couldn't hide my smile (and my laughter) when I told her of my biblical convictions against this secular holiday. I said very simply " I will talk to her about how she said what she said, and how she could have said it better" I wanted her to know that I supported my child in her stand against what she believed to be unpleasing to God, however I will teach her how next time to do it more gracefully.
Through the course of the conversation, I found that they kept trying to tell her that it was fall pictures instead of Halloween. Thank God I didn't raise a child void of understanding. The more they kept trying to twist her beliefs the bolder she became. Some may think I should have reprimanded her.But I want her to have the boldness and firmness of Paul durning Acts, when it comes to the things of God. She knew what a jack-o-lantern represented and that it was simply not fall, but Halloween. I asked if she were disrespectful, she was not, but she was firm!!

The fact is that our children listen to us... we may think that they have selective hearing, but they listen. If they see you living what you speak, and you help them to see, understand, and accept your stand for God, they will take a firm stand with you. I thank God for guiding me in teaching my outspoken child how to remain firm and bold about the teachings and convictions that I have in my household.

Statistically single mothers seem have the highest number of vulnerable children, but as Godly mother and wives of God, we don't have to fit in this mold. Our children don't have to be another statistic. Why? Because we have an instruction book ( The Bible) and we have and instructor ( God) who will help us steer our children around pit falls. I have to hold fast to the thought that its not just me raising my children, its God, then me, the same can go for you and your household. Continue to raise your children under the leadership and fear of God and they will continue to stand firm and bold against those things that they know are unpleasing to God.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.