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Monday, November 26, 2007

Young Gifted and Trapped Part I

I wrote an essay a few months ago that I wanted to share on my blog in parts. Its entitled Young, Gifted and Trapped. I wrote this under a strong burden for those who are trapped or heading towards a trap that is blinding by denial. I will post in parts because as mentioned it was an essay and is pretty lengthy. Thanks so much for your reading and support.

1 Corinthians 4:14 I write not these things to shame you, but as my beloved sons I warn you.

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Young, Gifted and Trapped
I was sitting here reading the news and blog’s about the recent decision for singer Brittney Spears to turn over her children to her ex husband and I could not help but to weep for her. I praise God everyday for being a saved mother; however this was not always the case in my life. When you are in the bondage of sin you become so blinded to the damage of your life style, that not even the threat of loosing your precious babies will snap you back to reality. Only God and true salvation can open your eyes to destructive lifestyle that you are living and how it is affecting your children.
I can specifically remember when I was not saved and my children were young being bound in sin and making decisions that at the time I could not see was having a detrimental impact on my young daughters. I praise God for the mercy that he showed me and the love and support from my parents urging me seek salvation and I thank the Lord for my simple life; I could not imagine the pain of my bondage on the front page of every newspaper and all over the airwaves. The sad thing is that there are thousands of young girls who look up to superstars and their seemingly fabulous lifestyle. Young people please do not covet their lives!! There are skeletons in every closet and so many of them are so unhappy and the devil is continuously whispering ideas of suicide in their ears.
If you have saved parents thank the Lord everyday that you have been sheltered from such a cold callous world. I was sharing with a saint recently that there have been so many miracles and testimonies in our lives that our young people should not want to run into the land that we have been delivered from, but yet they do and this is nothing but a spirit of covetousness, wanting what the world has, looking at the world through the dark tinted glass that surrounds it, but once you step inside those doors you become engulfed by the darkness. You walk around in a constant state of denial. You clearly know that a decision is wrong but yet you cling to the hope that Satan gives you that things will turn out differently for you. You have no clue how to maneuver around the territory of the world and all you have is the trust you put in someone that the devil sends your way to guide you through the territory that he has crafted for your demise. Eventually you become one of the statistics of what I call the “Young, Gifted, and Trapped.”