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Friday, December 14, 2007

Frugal Friday- Homemade Placemats and Writing Boards From Your Child's Artwork

Welcome to my first Frugal Friday Tip!

If you are anything like me, you always are looking for things to with all those drawings that your little ones make for you. I hate to throw them away and I can only keep so many because I have very little space in my modest apartment. Well I found an idea courtesy of my daughters kindergarten teacher. For Christmas we are going to make homemade place mats and writing boards from her art work. Its very cheap. All you do is laminate the drawings! It could be free if you know anyone who may have access to a laminating machine or some places will charge you a few cents per yard. To make the writing board simply let them make games, tic tack toe, hang man, manuscript paper, bible verse/chapter matching, or whatever they like, take a piece of cardboard box, cut it a little bit larger than the paper drawing or game, glue the paper to the cardboard and have it laminated. Buy some erasable markers and your kids can use this in the car, waiting rooms, or take it from room to room or however they choose. Hopefully this will eliminate scraps of paper and paper being scattered from to and fro. I haven't tried it but I am this weekend and I will post pictures of the finished product. This can cost anywhere from free to a couple of dollars depending on if you have dry erase markers and how much you have to pay for laminating. You can also use those extra pictures to make a place mat collage for family members to use everyday or for birthday parties and so forth. If anyone else tries it, please drop in and let me know and show your work :) Be blessed and encouraged on this Frugal Friday.