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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Practically Free Stuff from Buy.com/Google Check-Out!!!

I found this really cool deal over at MoneySavingMom last week. I now actually wish that I had taken the time out last week to take advantage of the free shipping at Buy.com but the deals I got today were a tremendous blessing to my very frugal budget. I was able to purchase a gift for both of my daughters for about $15 total!!

So here is how this works. Click on this link here to Buy.com $10 retail bin, choose a item and put it in your cart. When you are ready to proceed to check out, click on the Google check out icon and register as a new user. By doing this, you are then eligible for the 10$ off your order promotion for new users. So in essence you will only be paying for shipping and handling. Note that last week the shipping was free for all so that is why the link may say free shipping, but to buy a gift that is already marked down to 10$ and then only pay a minimal amount for shipping is worth it to a bargain hound like myself. Plus it keeps me from having to wrestle with the shopping chaos that occurs during this time a year.

This is what I purchased for my oldest daughter and you see what I paid for it, and this is what I paid for my youngest daughter, her gift was a little more pricey because it wasn't 10$, but combined with the 10$ off I received, it still wasn't a bad price. You can still go straight to Buy.com and purchase other items that are over 10$, they have a sidebar with items sorted by price range, so still you can receive a really great deal on a purchase with the $10 off your order promotion listed above.

There is a trick to Google check out. You can only receive the promotion once as a new user, but you can register more than once if you have multiple email addresses. Yep that's right! Google check out only keeps track of the email addresses associated with the account and not the account holders name. If you have more than one email address it can't hurt to try. It may sound tedious, but as a frugal momma with an even more frugal budget I don't mind working for a deal. Just click on the hyperlinks throughout this post and you should be fine. If not then just email me, and I will help walk you through. Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged