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Friday, January 4, 2008

Frugal Friday-Financial Shape in 2008 Challenge

Crystal, over at Biblical Womanhood has a wonderful challenge of financial management for all of her readers in which you can read here. She also has another wonderful website Money Saving Mom that I also have listed on my favorites because she has opened my eyes to the virtue of frugality.

I will be the first to admit, that my financial plate is not very appetizing to me at the very least, its not disaster but its not five star either. Every year I try to do better but I have never just taken the time to sit down, write a budget and stick to it no matter what the cost. In her challenge, she is encouraging us to do so and become better stewards with our financial blessings. I agree. And it is time to take action. So this year I am committing to this challenge for several reasons. First, It's what God would have me to do and I am just tired of knowing that I am not doing my very best financial planning, the whole single mom excuse it tired and washed out. Secondly, I want to give God my best at everything and just because I tithe doesn't give me an excuse to squander intentionally or unintentionally the remainder of my blessing. And last but not least, I need the discipline! I do desire marriage one day and I don't want to take the independent attitude about finances into a marriage, or leave bad examples for my children. I want to be able to show other single mothers that we can be resourceful and stretch our dollars with discipline.

I know yesterday I said that I didn't make any goals this year, and this is not a goal but a way of life that God has shown me that I need to adapt to that is pleasing to Him. While I won't go into all the details of my current financial budget, I will just elaborate on what I want to improve on. I plan on chronicalling and updating at least once a month just to let you know how I am doing. I ask you to keep me on the straight and narrow by just asking me every so often how things are going. This is very serious to me and I want to suceede. As long as I obey God, I know I will but I know there will be tempations so just pray for me ;)

My Financial Improvements-

  1. A clear, concise, frugal budget.
  2. Cut back on impulse spending, no matter how almost free it is!
  3. Shop for necessities more frugally
  4. Plan menus and only grocery shop once a month, also to stick to my menu
  5. Become and remain more organized so that I will know exactly what needs to be replenished in my home and when.
  6. Save more for me and my family
  7. I get paid once a month ;( yeah I know it's horrible) but I would like to be able to not always have too much month in between paychecks!
  8. Decrease more of my debt as the Lord leads- I don't want to overload myself by trying to take big girl steps, I need baby steps!
  9. Learn to be more creative, I find that you spend less money this way
  10. Stay focused and disciplined by listening to the voice of my husband concerning all things financial!

Any thoughts or ideas- Please share.Stay Blessed and Encouraged-smfg