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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank You God

Today I am just simply thankful. I jotted down a quick list of things that I am thankful for and by doing so, I easily forgot about anything else that seemed problematic, or momentarily needful.
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40 Things That I am Thankful For

  1. The genuine hugs and kisses of a certain 6 year old.
  2. The genuine hugs and kisses of a certain 8 year old.
  3. That today is Thursday and a certain 8 yr olds turn to cook dinner
  4. The unexpected phone call I received Tuesday, January 15 at exactly 8:55 am that was such an amazing blessing to me!
  5. The fact that I even though I work, I have my own office, and when I need to I can close my door and pray and read my bible.
  6. That I have access to the Almighty Father
  7. That sees me as his daughter
  8. He talks to me
  9. He listens to me
  10. The fact that there is a cross for me to leave my burdens at and a Christ that wants them.
  11. That I have been delivered!!!
  12. That I can love my enemies and those who spitefully misuse me
  13. That all of my family is still alive, well, and healthy
  14. I am not in Iraq as I could be
  15. My brother and sister are not in Iraq as they could be
  16. I am no longer in an abusive relationship
  17. I lived to tell about it
  18. My mom who drove over 90 miles today to fill in for me at my daughters Honors Assembly
  19. That my daughter received Honors Awards in school
  20. I've never gone hungry
  21. I've never had to sacrifice integrity to take care of my family and God has given me the strength to be both mommy and daddy.
  22. I've never been homeless
  23. I've never had to tell my child we had no food
  24. God's protection over my family
  25. That my children saved my life
  26. That my children make me laugh
  27. That my children are here to make me cry, scream, and yell
  28. That I have hope
  29. I have the light of Christ in my life
  30. That no one can blow it out
  31. That God is God, and not man
  32. That he loved me when I didn't love me
  33. That he taught me how to love me
  34. That I have no problem waking up and going to sleep alone
  35. That God allowed me to find the wonderful sanctuary of blogging!
  36. I have victory over the devil
  37. That my bible is my instruction book
  38. I know the power of a child's unconditional love
  39. That I know the power of a mother's love
  40. That God has and is going to change my life exceedingly abundantly above above all that I ask or think according to his power that worketh within me!

Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged- smfg