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Thursday, February 28, 2008

What If God Needed A Break ???

Today I didn't think that I would have the time available to blog today, but after posting a comment on mommy to be Terry's blog, I had a thought that I just have to share. Basically Terry wrote a wonderful post about the misleading notion of a woman's need for me time putting self first, and how there is no scriptural evidence to support this manner of thinking. You must read it, I promise it's really interesting and well put. You can read it here

I used to think this way, I can't lie! I would feel so overwhelmed and sometimes shuffle my kids to different activities or to grannie and pa-pa's just so I could have a few minutes of me time and put my needs first. Now I don't believe that it's wrong to want a simple moment of time to re-group, re-focus, and rejuvenate your maternal batteries however, I do agree with Terry that the world has a way of inviting a selfish ideology of putting "me" first. While I was going through this frazzled phase of needing me time, I would feel guilty about it and not even be able to enjoy my time. Then one day as my children were with a friend so that I could do chores uninterrupted, the thought came to me: What if God put me off on someone else so that He could have some uninterrupted God time. Surely he is much more busier that I am. What if he called one of his angels up and said, " Hey, I'm tired, stressed, and stretched way too thin can I get you to watch my children for me for a while"

If God did this, would he leave me with someone who would handle my issues as he would, would they listen to me as he does, would they meet my needs or fight my battles just as God does in that one little moment that he needs time to himself. I tell you I shudder to think of the outcome. Needless to say, I don't do that anymore. I mean true, I do feel overwhelmed, and when God leads I let my children go off to activities and visits but I can enjoy those quiet moments because I know that they from God and not done in my selfish nature.

So I pose the thought to all What if God needed a break from us?

Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged