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Monday, March 10, 2008

Hiding To Be Found

Hello my wonderful bloggy friends. I know that I have been a horrible blogger lately, but I promise that I have a good excuse. Most of you have come to know me as a happy single mom living for God and loving it. And its true, I am. However that has not always been the case for me.

When I started blogging about five months ago, I wanted a refuge to center my thoughts and feelings. I wanted to be able to write out loud and have someone read my thoughts so that I could remain focused and fight the growing battle of loneliness and desire to be a Mrs. Somebody. However, I didn't want to be the whiny, poor and pitiful single mom longing for a saviour to come in and make my life peachy keen. I wanted to give the devil a fight and continue to glorify God and be content in the state that I was in.

What I neglected to tell the world is that during this time, is that I was also praying very earnestly for a husband. I wrote a list out to God detailing everything that I desired. First thing, he had to have a unshakable walk and relationship with God, no ifs, ands or buts about it. He had to love God more that me and himself. He had to want a family, I wanted him to be my total opposite ( quiet, reserves, organized,patient,) but yet still be a deep thinker, and goof ball and probably even more of a nerd than I am. I wanted him to love me for me, and not any physical attributes that may and will fade away with time. The list does go on and on.

My list wasn't very long, but it wasn't entirely short either, but I have that relationship as a daddy's girl with my almighty father. I can tell him the desires of my heart and he listens. He doesn't always give me things when I want them, but I know he listens. Even better, I knew that he would give me exactly what I needed in his time and not mine.

God is still listening, he's still reading my list, he is still keeping my heart settled, focused and encouraged. There are so many things that are swirling through my head and heart right now. Does God answer prayers? Yes he does. Will he answer mine? Only time will tell........ Remember these words from a previous post I wrote about dating: I can't finish the entire story in this post, so I will just have to post more tomorrow :)

A woman's heart should so be hidden in Christ, that a man would have to seek him first to find her.-

Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged! -smfg