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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

100th Post!!!

Today is my 100th post and I am so grateful to God for allowing me this outlet to praise him, make new friends, encourage others, and come in contact with so much divine wisdom from so many people from across the world. I was looking at my feed map and am touched daily by the different visits from across the world. I am truly blessed.

I planned on typing this elaborate post last week, but as I sat huddled up in my bathtub with my two children while we experienced out first ever real live tornado last Thursday night I was hit with a new perspective; I was overcome with thankfulness and awe of just how mighty the hand, no the finger of God is. Last week, there was a
tornado that ripped through my community and left a path of devastation. The funny thing is, this particular tornado was different from any I have ever seen or witnessed. Normally, I am just on the tornado watch end, but the city that I moved to last year just so happens to be in our tornado alley, so this was my first time experiencing one close up. I was expecting high winds and hail and such, but this night the air was still and quiet, and had it not been for the warning sirens I wouldn't have even known to look out for anything. My kids automatically went into the bathroom and I stood one foot in my bedroom, one foot in my bath watching the news as they gave street by street directions of the tornado's path. When I heard them say that it was headed in my direction, I was thinking " this must be the quietest tornado ever" No sooner as the words left my brain, I hear a ripping crack of thunder and a blinding ray of lightning as if the heavens were opening, and the storm gates flooded. This tornado was surrounded by the thunderstorm, you couldn't see it because it was hidden by a blanket of rain and hail. I literally was able to experience the calm before the storm. But there was no loss of power, just a really intense thunderstorm and then it was gone.

Little did I know that about 1/8th of a mile from my house ( practically in my back yard) the tornado ripped through a housing community and trailer park. The lightning struck a gas main that set off fires destroying over 70 mobile homes. I stood out on my balcony and watched the ball of fire and the fire department extinguishing the blazes. Soon after we had to leave because another storm cell was heading our way and I live on the 2nd story of my apartment complex so my FDH who had just gotten off work decided that it would be best if we waited the storm out at one of our friends homes. It was late and dark when we returned home, but the next morning on my way to work I was able to see the damage, and I was so humbled at what I saw. I showed my girls and I told them this " This is why mommy serves God, do you see how he protected us!" There were trees uprooted, homes leveled, and many people displaced. All lived in a development right behind us. The tornado skipped over us and went right behind where we live. I serve an awesome God. There were also church members of mine who were fellow shipping at another members home, and the tornado touched down in their neighborhood. They came out to see uprooted trees and debris, but not a single one of them suffered any damage to their vehicles or the home. God is truly good to his people. I am still claiming his goodness, because this is just the beginning of the season for us, as a matter of fact we have tornado like conditions forecasted for tonight and tomorrow.

funnel clouds hidden in the rain
Lightning right before the storm
areal view of the storm damage on my street
entrance to the community behind my apt bld
more storm damage
Sometimes we hear of disasters on the news and yes we may say a prayer, but so experience the awesome greatness of how God moves and works will forever be a humbling miracle for me. Above are some pictures of what happened behind my house and I will dedicate my 100th post to my heavenly father who once again spared me an my family from known and unknown dangers. I would also like to once again thank all of you for reading and leaving comments. You make my day brighter! Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged-smfg

*photos taken from arkansasonline.com and fox16com