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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And The Months Go By............

I have been out of blog world lately on a little medical hiatus. I am happy to report that the surgery went well and I am now tattoo free!!!! Thank the Lord this ordeal is now closed and I can move on with my new life a burden lighter.

Time has seemed to have flown by so fast. I began my courtship in January and today marks the 1 month countdown to my wedding. I can't even begin to imagine where time has gone, all I know is that I have 30 days until I marry the man God personally created for me. While I have been caught up in a whirlwind of emotions, nothing epitomized the realness of this process than the day we went in to get our marriage license. This little piece of paper evoked a flood of emotions between the both of us. It finally set in for me that this is real, and in 30 days I won't be a single mom any longer. I will be a wife, a mother, a help meet, and a follower to the leader of my home. I have no regrets, no anxieties, no desire to reclaim the independence that I have so been ready to depart from.

I loved Terry's post on the need and biblical requirement of interdependence in a marriage. There have been many people who have asked me if I were going to hyphenate my last name and I so gladly reply NO!! I will be my father's daughter until June 14, on that date and thereafter I will be my husbands wife. There is no way I can obey scripture Matthew 19:5 ('For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh'") if I still hold on to my father's name and try to join it with my husband as if he is a mere simple hyphenated addition to my father's legacy.
When I get married I have to leave that legacy and join with my husband to create a new one. This poses no problem or threat in fact it's a beautiful and scared requirement that I have prayed to long to fulfill. How can I honor my husband if I am not willing to accept his last name. While it is the norm for a huge majority of women in the professional world, or just the world per say to be Mrs. Such-And Such, I am glad that I no longer identify with this majority. Please remember to keep me in your prayers as the months and Lord willing years continue to go by....

Be Blessed and Stay encouraged