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Friday, January 11, 2008

Frugal Friday- Ways I Saved 100$ Last Year

In keeping momentum with Crystal at Biblicalwomanhood's Frugal Friday post; I wanted to share simple ways that saved $100 last year. When I read her post I couldn't think of anything that I did because it seems as though expenses kept rising in my house. As I was thinking, it became more and more apparent that I remain focused on my financial goals this year. One goal I desire to have is to be more consistent in tracking my expenses so that I can see the savings. I believe as I start to see the savings on paper that I will feel more motivated and encouraged as I am feeling today. So without further ado- My list.

Ways I Saved $100 last year

  1. Learning how to style my daughters hair. I am not trying to be funny, but African American hair needs more maintenance. I learned the art of braids during the summer and only go to the salon once a month for my girls.
  2. Eating on the Kids menu when dining out with friends. I found that if I would be nice enough to ask the server, they would let me order off the kids menu when I did eat out.
  3. Drinking more water by the gallon and less by the bottle. Why did I not think to recycle water bottles from the gallon jugs???
  4. Bringing snacks to work. I just keep a supply of snacks at work which in the end keeps me from the vending machine.
  5. Shopping consignment and 75%+ clearance. Also God has blessed that because I am so small, when people gain weight I am the first person they give clothes to!! The same with my children. I give their clothes away and the Lord blessed the cycle to continue.
  6. EBAY!!! There have been major purchases I bought off of eBay which saved me well over 100$ I got a really cool bread maker for only $10. A brand new TREO Palm for $135. And I could go on for days.
  7. Coupons, Rebates, and Samples!!!
  8. Pot-lucking with friends for dinners.
  9. Taking advantage of the reduce price lunches at school, and re- training my kids not to be such picky eaters. I spent tons of money making lunches according to their eating habits, but now I am like, lunch is paid for its cheaper you eat it or you go hungry. It may sound harsh but I know its healthy and they needed to get to the point where they appreciated a hot meal. ( I know I will get some comments on that one:)
  10. Less gift giving. I learned to tap in my creative side and spend less money buying gifts for everyone out of obligation. I found that most people understood and were happy with what I made.