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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Lighter Side of Me

graphic from art.com
My much older godly single mama twin, (separated before conception) Persuaded was hosting another interesting meme. I figured I would play along and lighten my mood since today I wasn't feeling very creative and am falling into weekend mode a little early. So here we go with all the self exposure. Oh and did I mention that the name of her blog is Tomato Soup Cake if you visit it you will see that the name fits the gal!

Nine Random Things About Me

  • I love silly socks with very eclectic patterns. I will wear them proudly and dare anyone to laugh.

  • I once embarrassed myself participating in a beauty pageant during college. And it was in front of my peers, classmates, and parents who drove 2hrs to support me. I gave a very stupid answer to a very easy question. And I do mean stupid- just ask my mom!

  • I worked for NASA as a graduate intern and hated it!

  • I am horrible at 3rd grade math- just ask my daughter!

  • My Mom is the coolest- She doesn't play though, but she has bible wisdom that has rarely been wrong.

  • I am very afraid of bridges, I cry when I have to drive over them!

  • I was in labor on my birthday with my oldest daughter- she decided she did not want to share but to wait till the next day. I still don't celebrate my birthday because I am always trying to plan hers!
  • I don't like eggs at all!
  • I have been so blessed and encouraged by blogging and by every person who leaves a comment on my blog. Your thoughtfulness makes a big difference in my day many times.
Also I tag anyone who wants to play and I tag AnnaS, Terry, and Rosheeda. You're it! Yes, you. YOU! The cute one behind the keyboard!( stolen from persuaded)
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