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Thursday, May 29, 2008

That's Not My Reflection Is It?

Lately, I have been in a bit of a tizzy. I will admit that I have somewhat evolved into a baby bridezilla. No, not the full fledged fire breathing, demanding, one, but a pure baby sensitive, thin skinned, frustrated, toddler bridezilla. The funny thing is that I had no clue that I was turning into a little baby monster. I would sit and watch that show cracking up thinking man, I'm glad I'm not bossing people around and just being mean. However as truth always has a habit of coming to light I found that I was being a big baby. I was allowing myself to become overly frustrated which makes me uber sensitive, whiny, and withdrawn and I wan't as friendly as I was thinking I was. As hindsight would have it I could have been less frustrated if I had not alienated (unintentionally) some very dear people in my life and baby bridezilla would have never been hatched. But God is always faithful to show us ourselves even when we don't want to look in the mirror, or even if we are semi blinded by our reflection.

Sometimes its hard to see little flaws, even when people are pointing them out to you. Thankfully God has a big old magnifying mirror which shows you all of the little flaws, open pores, and developing blemishes that we mere mortals don't always seem to have a keen eye for. Really, its a blessing to get a reality check from God. Why? Well he really doesn't have to let us know we have spinach in our teeth. He could let us walk around thinking we are just the cutest little Christians all the while we could have a little bugger that is oblivious to us, but obvious to others. That's the kind of friend God is, and I am eternally grateful that he loves me enough to let me know that I "aint" always as cute as I think. I am also greatful that I humbled myself and allowed myself to see the reflection in the mirror before it was too late. Bridezilla could easily grow into Wifezilla, and God knows that's not who I ever want to be. I thank him for showing me my flaws and giving me an opportunity to die out to those flaws so that I don't take them into my marrige. The truth hurts but I would rather it hurt me now, than for me to hurt my husband later.

I have to dedicate this post to all of my friends that are involved in my wedding somehow. I couldn't be blessed with a better group of friends, of sisters, of family. To have you all be a part of my special day is a Godsend. There could never be enough thank you's to show how grateful I am for what each of you mean to me. Proverbs 18:24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.