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Friday, May 30, 2008

Makeover Challenge Winner- New Blog Name!!!

Well folks, I planned on making my announcement tomorrow, but I have a ton of last minute wedding stuff to do, and did not want to accidentally not post. So we have a winner for my makeover challenge. It was so hard to decide but we felt like we wanted my new blog name to represent the desires of our marriage and so with out further ado ***drum roll please**** SingleMomForGod will officially change names after June 14, 2008 to:

A Marriage After His Heart
submitted by Kysha, from Love's School
This name has so much of a deep meaning, not only do I want a marriage after my husbands heart, but a marriage after God's heart. I believe deeply that as long as we both strive towards this desire, our family desires and everything else naturally will fall into place. There may be some bumps and the journey may prove to be rather adventurous nevertheless I look forward to all it has to offer. I especially look forward to sharing my experiences with you. Thank you to all who participated.
Kysha, email me so that I can have Amazon send the gift card to you, and give you more details.
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!