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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Catching Up and Another Idea Solicitation

Once again I have been horrible at maintaining my blog. As you can see by my trusty counter to the right there, I only have 10, yes 10 days before my wedding. As you can probably imagine my life is a little hectic and fast paced at this point. Next Wed will be my last day at work for a couple of weeks and I have a ton of stuff to do there before I leave to ensure that the building doesn't collapse in my absence. I also have other last minute bridal stuff to do, and I'm failing pretty miserably at it. Nonetheless, none of this peril moves me. I am still happy, excited, nervous, motivated and looking forward to the end of this process and the beginning of my new life.

Even more excited than I am are my girls. They are over the moon and I am glad that they witnessed this process. I do wish that I could have had them the "right way", but since I didn't we have just made lemonade out of our past lemons, and I must say that it is sweet.

I do have a bit of advice to solicit. I am looking for reception ideas. My reception will be void of the traditional worldly fare, but I plan on making it a fun, energized, and happy Christian affair. Being that my creative juices are drying up right now, do any of you have any ideas of some things that we could do besides eat, drink and be merry.... I have music, we have the toasts, the cake cutting and all of that stuff, but I want something more, especially since we won't have the dancing. I really would like to send a message that gathering together to enjoy Godly fellowship and celebrate a holy union doesn't have to involve drinking and dancing and hooking up. Any insight will be most valuable. Have a blessed day!