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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Husband with a Good Name

Ecclesiastes 7
A good name is better than precious ointment

This has proved to be a testy week for me and its only Tuesday. But I am claiming my joy and victory over the devil and everything that he throws my way. I am resting in the joy that I am married to a husband with a good name, the best name, the only name.....

Last night I had the pleasure of loosing my keys.... I turned my house upside down and the only thing that I could come up with is that I must not have taken them out of my door last night as I was really busy and rushing. A feeling of panic, anxiety and fear came over me, but I prayed and fasted and left everything in God's hands. He knows where my keys are and maybe he wanted me to just learn patience and how to truly lean and depend on him when things go beyond my control.

Anxiety is a natural reaction, its also a fleshly reaction. A vise that satan uses to steer our attention off of turning to God for the simplest things. Long story short, I used my spare key to get to work and requested a new office door key and called my apt manager to request a new lock and key. I as cast down those thoughts of how expensive this would be, I simply told God, its in your hands. You know what I can and can't afford. You know how to work this situation out so I am going to let you have it. Really that is what the husband is for right???

As I talked to my managers and they started quoting me figures, my managers husband took the phone and said, for you its free! Your a single mom, and a wonderful tenant and I don't want you to worry about it one more second!! Isn't God wonderful! Instead of focusing on the negative of my situation, I was blessed for turning it over to him. Satan tried to taunt me all day, but I kept putting the word on him and resisting him and he retreated.... for now. I appreciate how being saved causes you to maintain a good report with people that pays off. I could very easily be out of a nice sum of money, but thanks to God and his teaching me how to have a good name, I can claim victory and keep spreading joy!

Remember, no matter how bad things may seem maintaining a good attitude and being nice always goes a long way. When you are saved and say you are a Christian, you are set upon a pedestal. The world is looking to either point out your flaws, or your testimony. A husband with a good name will take you far....

Stay encouraged and be blessed!