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Monday, November 5, 2007

Think on the Little Things

Sorry friends for not posting earlier today. Today has been the typical Monday and for me quite busy day full of hustle and bustle. Both of my little angels are under the weather and my weekend was uneventful due to the main water pipe bursting in my neighborhood so we were without water for the majority of the day on Saturday. (Thank the Lord for my new appreciations of the little things in my life- mainly running water!)

I was reading a devotional today that I thought was fitting to share. It is a quote from Norman Vincent Peale:

"You are a creation of God, unequaled anywhere in the universe.....
Thank Him for yourself and then for all the rest of his glorious handiwork".

Enjoy the little things of God today. Tell your children about the little things that you are thankful for, teach them to start appreciating all those things we take for granted.

Stay encouraged and be blessed